Each year, we take great care and time to hire the best people we can find, because we know it is our staff that makes your visit to Alaska the best it can be. Without the hard work and dedication of these extraordinary individuals, Denali Mountain Morning Hostel would not be what it is and your visit to Alaska would not be as wonderful! We heartily thank those who have worked for us, those here now and those who will be here in the future. They are the best.

Meet Our Staff:



and the Crew (2018 photo coming this spring!): 


Hi! I'm Ali. I started working at the hostel in 2009 as a housekeeper, before eventually becoming the manager, and in 2015, I began the process of buying the business! I feel lucky to call the hostel home, and I'm so thrilled to have it and our crew be a part of your Alaskan adventure!

I spend the summers working hard at the hostel, and running, hiking, and playing in Denali and the surrounding area as much as possible during my spare time. Denali is my year-round home, but I still try to travel as much as possible during the hostel's off-season.

Now, without further adieu, please allow me to introduce the 2018 Denali Dream Team:

First up, we have Nicole, who will be joining us from St. Louis. When she's not smiling from behind the front desk, you can find her playing guitar, hiking and exploring the wilds of Alaska, and spending time with her pup, Ellie.

Micah will be joining us from California, where he enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and fishing in his free time. 

Travis is joining us from Florida. Travis enjoys traveling and camping in his time off. 

Amber will be joining us from Toronto via Ohio to help out from behind the front desk, and also in keeping the hostel bright and shiny. Amber is an avid traveler and enjoys walking, ice skating, and exploring in down time from work.

If you're interested in joining our crew in 2019, you can learn more HERE.