Denali National Park All the answers to questions about the park can be found here.

Denali Park Buses and Shuttles Information for bus service INTO the park.

Alaska Auto Rental A local car rental agency.

Keys to Denali Another local car rental agency.

Denali Transportation Service Denali's local taxi service.

Current Denali Weather and Forecast ... Or you might flip a coin.

Denali Mountain Works You can rent camping gear here and they also have clothing and other outdoor essentials for sale.

Denali Education Center Great place and great people. Ask about their yoga schedule!

Denali Borough which is comparable to a county government. It's where your bed tax goes.

Denali Chamber of Commerce A great source for businesses in the Denali area.

Alaska State Parks Maps and information on state parks throughout Alaska.



Alaska Railroad They offer daily service in the summer and weekly service in the winter. They serve Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali, and Fairbanks and back. In the summer, they also go to Seward. Don't forget to buy your ticket from us! We are an authorized ticket agent for them and sell tickets at a discount!

Park Connection Motorcoach Summer-time daily bus service between Seward, Anchorage, Talkeetna, Denali and back. Remember to buy your Park Connection Motorcoach Tickets from us!

Alaska/Yukon Trails Bus service from Anchorage to Denali and on to Fairbanks and back. It's a daily service in the summer.

Milepost We highly recommend this publication to take along with you if you are driving to Alaska. It's a mile by mile log of Alaska's and Western Canada's highways.



Alaska Marine Highway System Our State Ferry service going from Bellingham, Washington on up to Whittier. They also serve Kodiak and clear out to Dutch Harbor.

Seward Bus Line They offer service between Anchorage, Whittier and on to Seward.



Alaska Hostel Association Here is a site where you can find hostels throughout Alaska and their contact information.

ExploreNorth One of the best sites for detailed information on exploring Alaska.



Alaska Earthquake Information Center This is the site to check on earthquakes in Alaska should you think you felt one. Or to read about the Magnitude 7.9 quake that occurred in our area on November 3, 2002, you can click HERE.

Aurora Forecast This site keeps track of solar flare activity, which is what causes the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights! If you are very lucky, you can sometimes see the aurora in late August or early September in Denali.

7th Generation Products - They save a lot of trees and landfill space. At Denali Hostel & Cabins we try to use as many 'green' products as possible, including a lot of 7th Generation items. We believe in their goals. Visit their web site to see how many trees we are helping save and other good things. It makes a difference, especially when you use more than 1000 rolls of TP each summer!