Dormitory Beds & Canvas Castles

Cable-Car-Interior.jpgDorm Beds:

$37 plus tax for 1 person in a single bunk / $65 plus tax for 2 people in a double bunk.

Minimum age is 16 (or 12 with a parent in dorm room).

There is no minimum stay for dormitory bunks. The hostel has a 7 night maximum stay. 

Sleep comfortably on a budget in one of our shared dormitories! Dorms sleep 3 to 6 people maximum. Single and double beds are available. We have one female-only dorm and one male-only dorm. The rest are co-ed and about half of the beds are top bunks. Please provide your preference for gender specific or co-ed rooms and for single or double beds. Let us know if you have a physical limitation that prevents you from using a top bunk. While we cannot guarantee you will get your first choice, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. All bunk rentals include blankets, bed linens, and bath towels. Personal linens are not allowed. Showers, restroom facilities, and the Octagon (our main building with shared kitchen and living room) are just a few steps or yards away from any dorm.

tent_field_outside.jpgCanvas Castles (aka Wall Tents):

$30 plus tax for one person / $55 plus tax to rent privately for up to two people. Two people is the maximum.

There is no minimum stay for our Wall Tents.
The hostel has a 7 night maximum. 

Be King or Queen of your Canvas Castle! Glamp out in comfort and rent one of our canvas walled tents. Experience the sounds of the wilderness while being only a few yards away from restrooms & hot water. You'll love the listening to the sounds of the creek babbling and birds singing. Each tent has 2 cots with sleeping pads, pillows, linens, and heavy-duty warm sleeping bags with liners. You can rent 1 cot and share the tent like you would share a dorm room, or you can rent the tent privately for 1 or 2 two people. We offer 3 tents in the meadow and 2 by the creek, all set on a wooden platform and affixed with vinyl rainflys to keep you dry. While we cannot guarantee you will get your first choice, we will do our best to accommodate your preference for a meadow or creek tent.

Note: There is no power, heat, or light in the tents. 

All of our accommodations use centrally-located restroom and shower facilities. They are private home-style bathrooms (not commercial-style). Linens, pillows, blankets, towels and wash-cloths, and sleeping bags for tents are all FREE! All accommodations are heated except the Wall Tents.

~~We do not allow personal linens in any of our accommodations~~