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This is a Great Service! Featuring comfortable coaches and strategically scheduled daily runs, the Park Connection makes best use of your limited vacation time as you travel through spectacular wilderness areas.

Traveling North of Anchorage the route follows the Parks highway through Denali State Park, where some of the best views of Denali Mountain can be seen. If your vacation includes travel South of Anchorage, the Seward highway is a National Scenic Byway and the drive down Turnagain Arm is spectacular and awe-inspiring.

Motor coaches travel different routes than the Alaska Railroad, so booking your travel in one direction on the coach and in another direction on the railroad makes an excellent combination to maximize your scenery intake. The bus drivers and guides on the railroad point out highlights and provide narrative interpretation on the way. Best of all, you can book both coach and train tickets through us – saving you time and money.

The Park Connection provides service between Denali National Park, Talkeetna, Anchorage, Seward, and Whittier. The Park-to-Park service is the ONLY transportation service that travels between Denali National Park and Seward/Kenai Fjords National Park in a single day. The train stops in Anchorage overnight.


2019 Park Connection Northbound Schedule


Park to Park

to Denali

Denali Express

Anchorage to Denali

Seward Express

Seward to Anchorage

Operating Dates 5/15 - 9/15 6/3 - 9/8 5/15 - 9/16
Depart Seward 10:30 AM*  - 6:30 PM*
Arrive Anchorage 1:30 PM  - 9:30 PM
Depart Anchorage 3:00 PM** 6:30 AM*** -
Arrive Talkeetna 5:30 PM 8:45 AM -
Depart Talkeetna 5:45 PM^ 9:00 AM^^ / 9:15 AM^ -
Arrive Denali Park 8:30 PM^^^ 12:30 PM+ -

* Small Boat Harbor

**Anchorage Museum

***Anchorage Egan Center

^Talkeetna Alaska Lodge

^^Downtown Talkeetna at Mahay's

^^^Denali Cabins - Our shuttle will pick you up here at 9:40 PM. Enjoy the restaurant, bar, or reading room while you wait.

+Train Depot - Our shuttle will pick you pick you up from the Denali Bus Depot at 5:30pm.  You can take a free park shuttle from the Train Depot to the Denali Bus Depot. 


2019 Park Connection Southbound Schedule


Park to Park

Denali to

Denali Express

Denali to Anchorage

Seward Express

Anchorage to Seward

Operating Dates 5/15 - 9/16 6/3 - 9/8 5/15 - 9/16
Depart Denali Park 7:55 AM^^^ 2:30 PM+ -
Arrive Talkeetna 10:45 AM 5:15 PM -
Depart Talkeetna 11:00 AM^ 5:30 PM^^ / 5:45 PM^ -
Arrive Anchorage 1:30 PM 8:30 PM -
Depart Anchorage 3:00 PM** - 7:00 AM***

Arrive Seward

5:45 PM -

9:45 AM

* Small Boat Harbor

**Anchorage Museum

***Anchorage Egan Center

^Talkeetna Alaska Lodge

^^Downtown Talkeetna at Mahay's

^^^Denali Cabins - Our shuttle will depart the Hostel at 6:35 AM and drop you off here at 7:20 AM.

+Train Depot - Take one of our morning shuttles to the Denali Bus Depot.  From there you can take a free park shuttle to the Train Depot.


2019 Park Connection Rates

  Denali Park Talkeetna Anchorage Seward
Denali Park - $65 $90 $155
Talkeetna $65 - $65 $130
Anchorage $90 $65 - $65
Seward $155 $130 $65 -

Infants & children under 12 are 50% of adult rate.

Travel to and from Whittier is also available on "Cruise Days" - Ask us!

Advance reservations are required.


Cancellation Policy:

You can change or cancel your reservation with no fees or penalties owed to the Park Connection up until 14 days prior to your travel date. All reservations are non-refundable and non-changeable within 14 days of travel.


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